20 something year old girl who tries to draw and write things, and posts them here.

This is my personal blog, so there's reblogs and words and stuff here. If you just want an art blog to follow without having to click the tag here all the time (which is sometimes reblogs anyway), go look at kariohki-art.

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DISCLAIMER: Before I get into this I want to mention that I don’t believe existing in the art world specifically to get gift/fan art is a good or even healthy idea. All this will do will breed insecurity and unhappiness. Just draw for you and try to make some friends along the way. None the…

I like this! I’ve had people (well, one person) tell me that my OC I had them do for a commission was awesome cause she was so simple. No wings, weird clothes, or other hoodelybobs. Of course I think it’s good to have some “challenging/complex” OCs for yourself to learn on, and for friends/fans to play with (slugbox’s Cteno is like this I think? You can do so much with her)



my dumb friends and i are gonna stream monster rancher, so i think i’ll put this poster here to show prospective employers what a lovely, quirky sense of humor i have


oh gods tiger and hare in the background it’s so true. and i just noticed that mocchi is a spawn of the devil or something

somehow getting things done. i really hate rocks

Hello! I see my Land Before Time WIP has exploded with notes which is awesome and I love all of you. Just an FYI, I’ve got two complete posters of the same style, and you can even buy prints of them at my Society6 shop!

in other news i’m still working on this

okay i need help with this design. the stuff at the bottom, the layout stuff, how do i make it look…better? like it could go on a pokemon card or something? the fonts are placeholder since i didn’t download any to the computer yet, but if you wanna recommend some that’s cool too.



Haha this is so true for me it makes me sad and is basically why I don’t draw much lately

Painfully accurate

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BABIES! oh my gods they’re so soft and tiny they can fit in the tubes it’s amazing.

the darker headed one is Miria and the lighter headed one is Tabitha. They’re 6 weeks old! poor old Clare was put to sleep this past Tuesday, she never recovered from the stroke she had. Teresa is still fat and happy in the original cage.











Now you know


I have that first book. I scoured the town for it after marpants had shown it to me and said it was AMAZING. we were what, 13?

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