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i’m done school FOREVERRRRRR (in like two weeks) so i’m opening up commissions because all my shit is falling apart!

the deets:
- i accept payment through paypal, and you can contact me about commissions at wamfed (at) - please not through tumblr, because tumblr eats asks!
- these are just examples, if there’s something on my blog you like that i don’t have up there, hit me up and we can work something out
- i’ll try and draw basically whatever except porn and gore (idk why you’d ever want me to draw that anyway). i’ll do fanart but i super love original characters, so don’t be shy!
- whatever you want, i need a visual reference. even if it’s fanart coz i know nothing about anything that isn’t saints row or wrestling


sketch: 25$ (plus 10$ per extra character)
flats: 35$ (plus 20$ per extra character)
shaded40$ (plus 25$ per extra character)

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    My mom is so cute. Now that she realized that making fursuits is indeed a viable thing I can do, she’s now emailing me all kinds of videos and pictures of suits she likes.

My mom does the same thing whenever she learns about something new I’m into. Queen on the radio? She’ll mention it. At artists’ alley and I’m picking up business cards? She’ll collect more for me. I buy one game in a series? She’ll hunt down the rest of the games.

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